Hello to all of you great Patriots out there,

My name is John Barker and I am running for the U.S. Congressional Seat from New Jersey’s District 3.

I am a New Jersey Businessman, a Healthcare Worker and Veteran of the U.S. Army and New Jersey Army National Guard.

Today, I am here to humbly ask for your support. Many Americans, including myself, feel that it is time for We the People  to take our Government back. 

Like you, I believe that honest, hard-working American Citizens have the right to live in a country that is free of repressive representation. The people that are now in power in Washington are governing for themselves, NOT for the American people.

This entire Administration is forcing ultra-leftist, ultra-liberal agendas on us, for their own satisfaction. They are far from transparent.  Some hate our great American history. The Democratic Leadership is inept. Some are criminal.

This is why I’m asking for your support !

WITH YOUR HELP, I will take OUR  values to Washington.

WITH YOUR HELP, I can begin to chip away at the anarchy of this Administration.

And finally,

WITH YOUR HELP (and hopefully 10 of your friends), I will stop at nothing to start the process of giving this Government back to, 

We, the People!


And to all Patriots, I realize that your support shows the trust you are putting in me. My promise to all Americans, I will not disappoint. Thank you.



John Barker, Candidate for US House of Representatives.